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CFA GC Karmacoons Milan


Milan was awarded his Grand Chamionship Title

April 13, 2013 in Melbourne, Fl.

CFA One Show GC Karmacoons Chocolate Mousse  

chocolate mousse.jpg
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Mousse is our first one show CFA Grand Champion.  He
earned his title December 3, 2011 at the Vero Beach, Fl show.
He became a grand champion in just four out of six rings and
we are very proud of his accomplishment.


CFA GC Karmacoons Armani

silver mae maine coon breeder
armani 2.jpg
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Armani is our first CFA Grand Champion.  He became a Grand

Champion July 10, 2011 at the Orlando, Fl show.  We are very
proud of Armani for his show accomplishments.

CFA/GP Karmacoons Silver Charm (Tyler)

karmacoons silver charm tyler.jpg

Tyler is our first Grand Champion in the Premier Class.  He
earned his title on April 24, 2010 at the Deland, Fl show just
two days before his first birthday!  Tyler is proudly owned and
shown by his loving owner Chris Miller.

Thank you Chris and Tyler for representing Karmacoons and
we are very proud of both of them for their accomplishments.

Kiera became our first CFA Grand Champion in Orlando
November 2009

maine coon breeding girl volusia county fl

Kiera received her Championship in the Orlando May 2009 CFA show. She was Best Champion in a ring and was called to a final and won 2nd Best Long Hair Champion.  

red and whie maine coon boy

Felix won Best Champion in two rings in the Orlando CFA show May 2009. He was called to two final rings where he was awarded 2nd and 3rd Best Long Hair Champion.  CFA Grand Pointed.

Felix and Isidora received their CFA Championship

in November 2008.

felix 2.jpg

Felix received his Championship in the
Orlando CFA show. He also took best of color and best of breed in 4 of the 6 rings. We are very pleased with his show results


Isidora also received her Championship in the Orlando CFA show. Isidora got best of color in all 6 rings. We are very happy with her show results.

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