We are a small home cattery located in Chuluota, Florida (just
outside the Orlando area).  Please take a moment to read
about us
and enjoy looking at our pictures.

Maine Coons make excellent family pets and enjoy children.  They
are sociable with other family pets, including other cats and they get
along especially well with dogs.

Maine Coons are very sweet loving cats with wonderful
personalities and they can grow to be very large in size. Females
can range between 10 -14 pounds and males 15 -18 pounds.  
Some males have been known to reach 20 - 22 pounds.  

The Maine Coon is a muscular, solid, medium to large size cat with
the look of the wild.  They develop slowly and don't achieve their
full size and weight until they are three to five years old.  

Maine Coons' sweet dispositions and large size have earned them
the nickname, Gentle Giants.  Once you have experienced
ownership of one of these magnificent cats, you too will discover
that one is never enough.

PLEASE NOTE -  We do not ship our kittens.  They must be picked
up in person.  If you cannot drive or fly to us, arrangements can be
made for us to fly the kitten to you for approval before purchasing.  
Under no circumstances will any animal be shipped sight unseen.
(Updated 10-14-13).
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